Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nasty COM regression in XE2

David Heffernan found a nasty RTL bug in XE2 COM implementation.

Is COM broken in XE2, and how might I work around it?

I’ve found a workaround (see the link above), but it is ugly and this should really be fixed in the next XE2 update so please – vote on the QC #100414!

Update: XE2 Update 2 fixes the bug described above. Great response time from Embarcadero!


  1. It's David Heffernan, not Hefferman. But I have to admit that I needed some weeks to notice that myself.

  2. @gabr Thanks for the publicity here. I've managed to workaround the problem in my codebase now thanks to your help. Regarding the spelling of names, I apologise for not being able to add all the diacritics in your name in the QC report but flippin' QC doesn't seem to like Unicode. Probably written with Delphi 7 ha ha!

  3. Also, rep cap two days in a row entirely down to the votes on this answer. Great work!

  4. Thanks for the feedback, I forward this problem to our R&D team and they will look in to that.

    Andreano Lanusse
    Embarcadero Technologies

  5. @Uwe, thanks for the warning, I must (blushingly) admit that I've never parsed David's surname correctly in my life. Ever. (Sorry, David!)

  6. And the bug is already fixed (in Update 2)! Incredibly fast response from Embarcadero!

  7. Great work at Embarcadero! Glad to see this one got fixed FAST.