Saturday, October 22, 2011

Multithreading Made Simple–additional material

Thank you for listening to my CodeRage 6 presentation! I’m very sorry that there were some issues with the sound that were caused by network problems :( If you want to look at the presentation again (or for the first time), please go to the Embarcadero CodeCentral or download the presentation from my Dropbox.

To help you understanding the complicated world of multithreading I’ve repacked the complete presentation in a longish PDF with slides and a transcript of my talk. (Actually, it was done vice versa – first I wrote that script and only then I prepared the presentation based on the script.) You can also download the code that was used for the presentation.

If you have any questions or if you asked me something after the presentation and I didn’t understand your question and answered something completely unrelated or even if my answer was too short and you want to learn more - feel free to leave a comment here or open a new topic in the forum.


  1. Anonymous18:21

    Thank you for a great presentation on an excellent library.

    OTL can actually prevent one from switching to .Net rewrite of Delphi apps in need of clean Async and Parallel support available in .NET 4.X, F# (Async Workflows) and upcoming C# 5.0.

  2. Anonymous12:06

    Hello Gagr.
    Sorry for the off topic. Just want to get some more traffic on my own blog)
    Check out my second post on parallel programming with delphi
    In the last part of this post I describe a nice tweak of the Parallel.For function which simplifies parallel programming a lot. I think you should add a similar feature to your great library.