Friday, October 07, 2011

Hear Me at CodeRage

CodeRage 6 will start in ten days! Will you be there? I’ll be joining it for the sixth time as a listener and for the first time as presenter!
The exact date and time of the presentation was not determined yet (if you look at the session list you’ll see some empty spots – I’m one of them). I’ll let you know when the timeslot is fixed. In the meantime, go and register for the conference!
The topic of my talk you can probably guess – multithreading with the OmniThreadLibrary. Due to a limited session time and to attract as wide an audience as possible, I’ve decided to focus on high-level OTL functionality. The title of the talk is Multithreading made simple and it will deal with Async, Future, ForEach, Pipeline, ForkJoin, Join, and ParallelTask.

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  1. looking forward to your talk ... hope you get a decent time slot.