Saturday, October 29, 2011

ITDevCon 2011–recap

ITDevCon 2011 has closed its doors and I’m back at home, completely washed out. It was tiresome but it was also fun!

All the sessions I’ve visited were interesting and I always managed to learn something new. If I would have to expose three most important products I didn’t knew before, I would mention (in the order I learned about them) CopyCat, a great database replication engine which you can compile into your application; Delphi Relax, an extension to Delphi’s WebBroker and DataSnap REST architecture; and DORM, a new ORM for Delphi.

I’ve given four talks – about OmniThreadLibrary (Multithreading Made Simple with OmniThreadLibrary; well visited and well accepted – and I also learned more about OmniThreadLibrary usage in the world), refactoring tools (Refactoring in (and out of) Delphi; talking about refactoring tools in Delphi, ModelMaker Code Explorer and Castalia; extremely well visited – the room was almost too small for all the participants), profiling (Pleasures and Pitfalls of Profiling; discussing profiling in general and profiling tools, namely AQTime, ProDelphi and Sampling Profiler) and anonymous methods (Going Functional; my favorite although it was the most technical of all my sessions and therefore attracted least visitors). All slides and companion code can be downloaded from

This year bit Time organized a party at the end of day one. Lots of bear and an Italian country band :) We had fun, as you can see from the pictures below. And don’t forget to scroll to the end, there’s a surprise waiting for you!


DavidI and Bruno Fierens (TMS)

Marco Cantù and Paweł Głowacki (Embarcadero))

Marco in element

Jonathan Neve, DavidI and Raphael Neve (MIcrotec)

Everybody wanted her/his picture taken with DavidI …

Daniele Teti singing with Tex Roses


  1. ARG! You did!!! :-) There was enough beer, this is the evidence :-)

    However, DORM is on google code

    ASAP I'll post some articles on my blog.

    Primoz, your speeches have been very good, as usual. Thanks!

  2. Fixed the link, thanks!

  3. Any idea when DORM will be downloadable for us all to try out?

  4. Sorry - found link to svn :-)