Thursday, March 19, 2015

Unit Testing Recap & Downloads

The Unit Testing workshop was pretty much full.

2015-03-19 11.06.12

It was good to see that many interested Delphi programmers in one room. Thanks for coming, everybody!

The downloads for the workshop are now online.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What’s New in Delphi XXXX

A great list of “What’s new” for Delphis from 3 to XE7 can be found on StackOverflow.

(just noticed and thought I’d better pass this on)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unit Testing, Mocking, Inversion of Control

On March 19th (that’s next Thursday), I’ll be leading a workshop dedicated to unit testing Delphi programs. We’ll start with basics and and cover different tools (DUnit, DUnit2, DUnitX, TestInsight) and different programming methodologies.

Register here.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

OmniThreadLibrary 3.04

OmniThreadLibrary 3.04 is now released. Get it here or check out the release-3.04 tag (or just follow the trunk, which is the best way to experience the OmniThreadLibrary).

Some other links you may need:

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Documentation wiki:
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New features

  • Implemented simple and fast Parallel.&For which supports only integer ranges.
  • Implemented Parallel.Map.
  • Added overloaded Execute methods to IOmniParallelInitializedLoop and IOmniParallelInitializedLoop<T> so that IOmniTask parameter can be passed to the executor.
  • Implemented Run overloads that internally call Invoke to start thread worker.
  • Implemented TOmniValue.HasArrayItem.
  • Implemented TWaitFor which supports waiting any/all and is not limited to 63 objects.
  • IOmniTaskControl can wait on any number of comm handles and wait objects. That enables support for >60 tasks in the OtlThreadPool.
  • Implemented TOmniBlockingCollection.ToArray<T>.
  • NumTasks parameter (OtlParallel) can be negative. In that case, specified number of cores will be reserved for other purposes and all other will be used for processing.
  • Example: If NumTasks(-2) is used when process has access to 8 cores, 6 of them (8 - 2) will be used to run the task. 
  • Removed project groups.
  • Tested with 2007-XE7.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed race condition in IOmniPipeline termination code [tnx to Dean Hill].
  • Creating parameters with the array overload (IOmniTaskControl.SetParameters(['From', 0, 'To', 99])) was not working.
  • Fixed problems in demos 33_BlockingCollection and 47_TaskConfig.

New demos

  • 55_ForEachProgress: Demonstrates progress bar updating from a ForEach loop.
  • 56_RunInvoke: Simplified 'run & invoke' low-level API.
  • 57_For: Simple and fast parallel for.
  • 58_ForVsForEach: Speed comparison between Parallel.ForEach, Parallel.For, and TParallel.For (XE7+).
  • 59_TWaitFor: Demo for the new TWaitFor class.
  • 60_Map: Demonstrates the new Parallel.Map abstraction.
  • 61_CollectionToArray: Demonstrates the new TOmniBlockingCollection.ToArray<T> method