Sunday, March 01, 2015

OmniThreadLibrary 3.04

OmniThreadLibrary 3.04 is now released. Get it here or check out the release-3.04 tag (or just follow the trunk, which is the best way to experience the OmniThreadLibrary).

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New features

  • Implemented simple and fast Parallel.&For which supports only integer ranges.
  • Implemented Parallel.Map.
  • Added overloaded Execute methods to IOmniParallelInitializedLoop and IOmniParallelInitializedLoop<T> so that IOmniTask parameter can be passed to the executor.
  • Implemented Run overloads that internally call Invoke to start thread worker.
  • Implemented TOmniValue.HasArrayItem.
  • Implemented TWaitFor which supports waiting any/all and is not limited to 63 objects.
  • IOmniTaskControl can wait on any number of comm handles and wait objects. That enables support for >60 tasks in the OtlThreadPool.
  • Implemented TOmniBlockingCollection.ToArray<T>.
  • NumTasks parameter (OtlParallel) can be negative. In that case, specified number of cores will be reserved for other purposes and all other will be used for processing.
  • Example: If NumTasks(-2) is used when process has access to 8 cores, 6 of them (8 - 2) will be used to run the task. 
  • Removed project groups.
  • Tested with 2007-XE7.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed race condition in IOmniPipeline termination code [tnx to Dean Hill].
  • Creating parameters with the array overload (IOmniTaskControl.SetParameters(['From', 0, 'To', 99])) was not working.
  • Fixed problems in demos 33_BlockingCollection and 47_TaskConfig.

New demos

  • 55_ForEachProgress: Demonstrates progress bar updating from a ForEach loop.
  • 56_RunInvoke: Simplified 'run & invoke' low-level API.
  • 57_For: Simple and fast parallel for.
  • 58_ForVsForEach: Speed comparison between Parallel.ForEach, Parallel.For, and TParallel.For (XE7+).
  • 59_TWaitFor: Demo for the new TWaitFor class.
  • 60_Map: Demonstrates the new Parallel.Map abstraction.
  • 61_CollectionToArray: Demonstrates the new TOmniBlockingCollection.ToArray<T> method