Friday, July 21, 2023

CQLBr for Delph/Lazarus

It is so nice when you see how a small idea grows into a nice, rounded project!

Years age I wrote a unit that allowed you to write SQL statements as Pascal code (GpSQLBuilder). This has allowed me to write a code like this:

  query := CreateGpSQLBuilder;
.When([COL_2, '< 0']).&Then(COL_3)

It was a small project with minimum support -- as long as it generated SQL code that I've needed, I was fine with it. Much of the SQL language support was missing, there was no support for different SQL dialects and so on ...

Luckilly, Isaque Pinheiro liked the idea and converted it into a full-fledged library with support for multiple SQL dialects, much more complete SQL language support, units tests, installer, a ton of samples and more. 

Sunday, July 09, 2023

Delphi High Performance, Second Edition

The second edition of my book Delphi High Performance is now released! Get all 452 pages of Delphi goodness with two new chapters and all the updated and improved content at Amazon or at Packt Publishing!

Delphi High Performance, Second Edition