Wednesday, May 22, 2013

XE4 for iOS in Slovenia

I just came home from the XE4/iOS presentation in Ljubljana and if I had to summarize the participant response it would be: “A very nice product, we’ll probably buy it when the Android is supported too.”

This (and a relatively small attendance) clearly shows that iOS is just not that popular in Slovenia. Even more, most of big Delphi-using companies in Slovenia have no interest in creating fresh, modern software and are still living in the “interesting, but we don’t need it” world :(

2013-05-22 09.07.20

Thanks to everybody for coming to the presentation!


  1. I'm have no interest to iOS too, Android most significant for me

  2. The industrial terminals we have here are based on either Android or... Windows CE. No iOS in sight.

  3. Ghoy16:45

    Embarcadero has been out of touch with technology for some time, the fact that iOS support was introduced before Android (despite the latter being the dominant one since - always) just furthermore shows that EMBR can't adapt fast enough to new technologies(aka it was easier to go for iOS by the nature of C#).

    No worries, there's tons of solutions out there already for Android development that are practically light years ahead of EMBR android development cycle and by the time Android support for Delphi is introduced, there will be nobody there to care enough to buy the overpriced packages.

    That much said, when Android for Delphi is actually released, there will be at least 2 years grace period where it will be completely useless due to bad design & numerous bugs (Hint Firemonkey).

    Such is the way of the EMBR. :)

  4. What I lack much in Delphi nowadays:
    1) Strong community
    2) Modern libraries with strong developer support and fast updates
    3) Reliable IDE with modern refactoring tools (CnPack/CnWizards help a lot)
    4) More user friendly support from EMBR

  5. In my eyes app development is not the primary reason to buy Delphi. There are good and cheap IDE (mostly free) for apps. And I doubt that Firemonkey apps will seamlessly integrate in all these different OS. If you want to develop full featured apps you will use very likely other technologies.

    On the other hand Firemonkey (I tried XE2) lacks a lot of needed features for real applications. 3d is nice but unusable for full featured games and there is a lot missing in the 2d part.

    One of the most important things in my eyes is the native Win64 development for industrial applications. But the compiler / language / IDE is falling back behind other products. And at some point the "native" argument cannot compete with all the features of other products that use a IML oder virtual machine.

    1. We needed Androîd support. Now using IntelliJiIDEA Androïd UI Designer. A strong community and solid IDE (both free-open or paid). I wish best success to EMBR anyway.

    2. I think targeting the Apple-World (exclusively) was the wrong decision. If Linux and Android will not come very soon, I think there will be a serious problem. Maybe it is already too late.

  6. Me too not I'm have no interest to iOS , please please i BEG you i need Android