Wednesday, May 15, 2013

XE4 in Ljubljana

If you live in Slovenia and if you are programming in Delphi or C++Builder, make sure to reserve some time for the next Wednesday (22nd) for the RAD Studio XE4 presentation in Ljubljana.

Most of the presentation will focus on the iOS development with RAD Studio XE4. More details here: Marand.

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  1. Ghoy00:22

    I've never attended because I'm an awkard son of a b...gun but also because I think it's a giant waste of time.

    I guess the only reason I would show up would be to ask questions such as :
    "Why do the employees at Marand think they can basically spoon feed bullshit like {One license per one computer(ESD)} to their own customers in an attempt to deceive unsuspected none english literate Slovenian delphi developers, in order to squeeze as much money of them as they can?

    Yeah that would be it.