Monday, December 13, 2010

You’ve got mail!

It was only three days ago that I released the new OTL and already I’ve got a gift – and it came from the other side of the world, from a place so far ago that Google Maps doesn’t know how to calculate directions to guide me there, from Australia!

sea mail

No, I’m not kidding about the Google Maps.


Inside were books, books and more books. Chris, thanks a lot!


  1. If it really came by seamail as the stickers indicate, he must have sent it before the new OTL release :D

  2. Of course. But it was a nice coincidence. :D

  3. Anonymous09:45

    it's nice to see THAT kind of appreciation...

  4. Anonymous10:21

    sorry but could you give a little light in the story: what is OTL? Maybe this would be a good starting point.
    Thanks in advance, Fritz

  5. @Fritz:

    Or you could read my previous post.

  6. Yay! My parcel got to Slovenia! Hopefully Primoz won't get distracted by all the books and stop working on the OTL code :)

  7. Every time I read that I think of the Mr Percival song "we live on an island". Because, you know, we do live on an island. You can't drive to here from any other country. Or walk, for that matter.