Wednesday, December 01, 2010

OmniThreadLibrary Documentation

Thanks to the great people of DevJET software there may something (finally) happen on the very much neglected documentation front. They have donated a Documentation Insight license to the OmniThreadLibrary and I intend to use it to add documentation here and there while I’m working on the project.

A big Thank You to the DevJET!

Documentation Insight & OmniThreadLibrary

The next part of the puzzle is how to export XmlDoc documentation into some useful form. I know Delphi XE can do html+javascript export but I don’t believe that it’s included in the Professional release which I have (but correct me if I’m wrong). It would be even better if it could be converted into the Wiki format used by the Google Code. Can you help me with suggestions?


  1. DI is awesome plugin. I'm a big fan of it too :)

    Delphi can generate XML or HTML docs from code, but the results are... well, not very exciting. There are many tiny problems all over the place.

    Next thing to try is Doc-O-Matic Express or SRC editions. Results are a lot better and more customizable. However, they're still far from perfect. The main problem is proper support of all tags.

    Still, documentation in the code with DI looks great. You have collapsed regions, so it doesn't spoil your source and it's integrated with HelpInsight - a great thing.

    Well, as for generating a help file - that should be a next step...

    And feel free to vote for this suggestion ;)

  2. But it's not free as i suggested ((