Thursday, December 02, 2010

OmniThreadLibrary 2.0 TODO

Only few things to do before the alpha release:

  • Parallel.Pipeline must support cancellation;
  • Parallel.ForEach would benefit from task-local state (maybe will be implemented after the 2.0 release);
  • Cleanup various small TODOs;
  • Add project files for Delphi XE;
  • Retest everything.


  1. Cancellation in Parallel.Pipeline - check.
    Task-local state in Parallel.ForEach - check.
    Project files for Delphi XE - check.

  2. Wow.. Any idea roughly when 2.0 will be available ? (Is it safe to grab from repository ?)

    One of the best Delphi libs for a long time.. Well done.

  3. I'm trying to release it before the end of the next week (December 10th). Of course, it's always safe(*) to grab it from repo ;) If you do, make sure that you follow the updates until the 2.0 release as there will be many small fixes to come (but nothing really big).

    (*) For an appropriate definition of "safe".

  4. TODOs - check.
    XE project files - check.