Monday, July 14, 2008

OmniThreadLibrary progress report

  • WiP new unit OtlContainers with lock-free stack and lock-free ring buffer (both with additional limitations; details coming soon)
  • OtlComm redesigned around OtlContainers
  • new test 10_Containers, which performs basic unit test for the OtlContainers unit
  • package split to designtime/runtime; OtlComm unit test split into separate unit OtlCommBufferTest; component registraion moved from OtlTaskEvents to new unit OtlRegister [all thanks to Lee_Nover]
  • fixed memory leaks in tests 8 and 9
  • added demonstration of how to send an object over the communication channel to the demo 8
  • new SpinLock unit which fixes reentrancy problems is included
  • new DSiWin32 unit which fixes problems when DSiTimeGetTime64 was called from more than one thread

All that available in the repository and as a snapshot.

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