Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why You Should *Always* Use SQL Parameters


XKCD is just great.


  1. Anonymous13:16

    This stuff is just clogging up

  2. Anonymous13:25

    Disturbing on sooo many levels.

  3. @delphiuser: It all set of tubes, Internet. Easy to clog, dude.

    I'll be writing more Delphi-related stuf soon. Still trying to climb out of the Autumn blues.

    @anonymous: Ohhhh yes.

  4. Anonymous18:59

    @Delphiuser -> yes, truely, of the 3 to 12 posts DelphiFeeds gets a day it is truely clogged up.

    Programmer humour that is dead on target with an important lesson about coding certainly seems relevant to me. Have you read any of the back comics? Lotsa good lessons there, including how to relax (hint hint)

  5. I love xkcd, not only for the comic itself, but for how seriously its readers take it.

    E.g., the meetup, or chess, or RMS.

  6. Didn't know about the meetup (I'm only following the comic). Thanks for the info!

    And I fully agree with this quote from ‘Oh my God, there’s someone in my head reading my thoughts and making a webcomic about them.’