Monday, October 15, 2007

Gp* Update

Months have passed since the last update of my freeware utils so here are new versions...

DSiWin32 1.29

  • Added functions DSiIsAdmin, DSiMoveFile, DSiMoveOnReboot, and DSiGetThreadTimes (two overloaded versions).
  • TDSiTimer properties changed from published to public.  

GpHugeFile 5.04a

  • GetFileSize Win32 call was incorrectly raising exception when file was $FFFFFFFF bytes long.
    (read more: A Case of Mysterious SUnkOSError)
  • SetFilePointer Win32 call was incorrectly raising exception when position was set to $FFFFFFFF absolute.
  • Added TGpHugeFileStream.Flush method.
  • Added a way to disable buffering on the fly in both TGpHugeFile and TGpHugeFileStream.
  • Added bunch of missing Win32Check checks.
  • Better error reporting when application tries to read/write <= 0 bytes.
  • Added optional logging of all Win32 calls to the TGpHugeFile (enabled with /dLogWin32Calls).
  • Added thread concurrency debugging support to TGpHugeFileStream when compiled with /dDEBUG.
  • Don't call MsgWait... in Close if file access is not asynchronous as that causes havoc with MS thread pool execution.

GpLists 1.29

  • Added TStringList helper.
  • Use spinlock for locking. Spinlock implementation kindly provided by Lee_Nover.
  • TGpObjectRingBuffer can put locks around all operations.
  • TGpObjectRingBuffer can trigger an event when buffer is fuller than the specified threshold and another event when buffer is emptier than the (different) threshold.
  • Added missing locks to TGpDoublyLinkedList in multithreaded mode.
  • Disallow Move and Insert operations on sorted lists.
  • Added bunch of 'inline' directives. 

GpSharedMemory 4.11a

  • AllocateHwnd and DeallocateHwnd replaced with thread-safe versions. 
    (read more: AllocateHwnd is not Thread-Safe)
  • TTimer replaced with thread-safer TDSiTimer.

GpStreams 1.13

Interesting things have been going on in the GpStreams unit. TGpBufferedStream class is a stream wrapper which provid read-buffering on any stream. TGpScatteredStream is a stream that provides contiguous access to a scattered data. I plan to write an article on its use soon.

  • Implemented TGpScatteredStream class.
  • Added TGpBufferedStream class. At the moment, only reading is buffered while writing is implemented as a pass-through operation.
  • Added AutoDestroyWrappedStream property to the TGpStreamWindow class.
  • Check for < 0 position in TGpStreamWindow.Seek.
  • Fixed reading/writing of zero bytes in TGpStreamWindow.
  • Added bunch of 'inline' directives.

GpStuff 1.06

  • ReverseCardinal renamed to ReverseDWord.
  • Added function ReverseWord.

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