Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hardware Project Completed

[ no Delphi content here, go away! ;) ]

Months ago, I posted a coffee table design on this blog. Now I'm happy to say that the damned thing is finally completed and installed in my friends' apartment.

This is it - 58 kilos of solid ash, painted with very watered-down white and finished with two layers of wax. Walnut veneer was used for the inset.

finished coffee table 

More photos in my gallery, including details of the build process.


  1. Well done - I would not want to stub my toe on that.

  2. Nice. What is it about wood work that attracts so many programmers?

  3. Thanks.

    I wouldn't know - are many programmers working with wood?

    For me it's mostly about the difference. Wood is alive. When you work with wood, it talks back. Working with wood is slow. Programming, on the other hand, is exactly opposite.

    I work with metal, too. Not much. But working with metal is more similar to programming (at least for me).

  4. That is simply a beautiful piece of furniture! Sure, it weighs a ton, but it will last forever. Love all the Delphi blogs too! But, just had to say how nice that table looked.