Thursday, January 25, 2007

There is no good place to advertise Delphi blog ...

Craig Stunz kindly noticed my blog (thanks, Craig) and in private discussion (because commenting on blogs still doesn't work) we talked about possibilities to tell about your new blog to other Delphi programmers.

Few possibilities appeared - nontech newsgroup, DelphiFeeds aggregator (my ideas), community homepage and 'Get Published' on CDN (his ideas) but they are all flawed - many developers don't read any of those ...

What we really need is a Delphi Wiki, maintained by CodeGear and linked from the welcome page. Plus a RSS for this wiki so that one can follow updates without too much trouble ... (Yes I know that there is already a Delphi Wiki but I don't think it has large audience. And the blog list there is quite short.)

CodeGear, if anybody is listening ... could something like this happen?

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  1. Anonymous20:19

    I have mentioned this on usenet, but it's worth repeating:

    Whatever CodeGear comes up with, you can be sure it will have extremely limited community control.
    It will likely be something that allows for user comments.

    The Delphi Wiki, on the other hand, is completely under the control of the Delphi community. It staggers me that people remain oblivious to the potential of the Delphi Wiki.