Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 has been released

If you need it, download it from here.

If you don't know it - MKLC is a great tool that will help you create customized keyboards (with some changes or completely scrambled layout) in minutes. It's a great programming tool also - you can make sure that bot important special characters (i.e. []{}) and national characters are easily accessible.

[Source: Sorting It All Out]


  1. Anonymous15:55

    I created a US-Custom keyboard that primarily inserted symbols I frequently used through the use of Ctrl and Ctrl/Alt keys. The keyboard tests perfectly and installed without a hitch according to the dialog boxes, but when I open MS Word 2003, none of the functions I created will perform. Instead, some of the keystrokes cause random changes, such as Alt/Ctrl O changes the screen to outline mode, and Alt/Ctrl C, which was supposed to create a "cent" sign, creates a "Copyright" symbol. Furthermore, the cursor display changed and I no longer have a "Page Setup" option under the File menu. I'm using Windows XP Pro SP-2 on a Gateway 530 laptop.

    Any suggestions?

  2. As you've found out, MS Word has most of the Ctrl-Alt and Alt- and Ctrl- combinations defined internally.

    I think you'd have to delete those keyboard shortcuts in Word first.

    I have no idea what happened to the Page Setup menu, though.

    You could try asking this question at Sorting It All Out where you'll get a direct response from the MKLC author.