Tuesday, May 16, 2023

International Pascal Congress in Salamanca

Dear fellow readers, I'd like to invite you to International Pascal Congress which will happen from 3rd to 7th July this year in beautiful Salamanca, Spain.

(Not sure you want to go to Salamanca? Think again.)

Although the congress has wider target audience than pure Delphi, it is sponsored by Embarcadero and many prominent Delphi speakers will participate. Marco Cantu will be there, as will Daniele Teti and Bruno Fierens. I will also add my contribution.

The program is split between talks (Monday) and many advanced programming courses (Tuesday--Friday) with plenty of time for socializing or for exploring beautiful Spanish country.

Besides the talks and courses and socializing and a dinner, the IPC will also grant a Niklaus Wirth Award for a Most Valuable Contributor to Pascal. They are still accepting nominations.

I hope to see you there as this is a perfect occasion to forget all the Covid craziness and get together again!

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