Thursday, May 15, 2014

XE6–Links for the presentation

On today’s presentation I promised listeners a bunch of links so that they didn’t have to write them down. Here they are:
By the way, RAD Studio XE6 was well excepted. People really liked not only the focus on stability (although that was the favorite by far) but also the new additions – tethering, BaaS and support for advertising and in-app purchases.
Photo was taken during the PhotoWall demo and is blurry, as I was more focused on describing the simplicity of app tethering than on taking the shot. Sorry!
BTW2, the app tethering is way way cool! Check it out!


  1. Does OTL work with XE6, I can't find any discussion or comments on it. In fact the OTL page ( only mentions support up to XE2 even though there are dproj's in the zip file up to XE5.

  2. OTL should work with XE6 just fine.