Monday, October 21, 2013

ITDevCon 2013


The ITDevCon conference is almost there (register while you still can!). As four times before, the organizer has invited an impressive list of speakers which will be giving 19 presentations (if I counted correctly), divided in three parallel tracks over two days. The conference will occur on 14th and 15th in the beautiful city of Verona.

On the first day of the conference I’ll be presenting two Delphi-related sessions. In the Using attributes and RTTI to automate programming tasks talk, I’ll introduce a concept of attributes in Delphi and present few different practical uses for this interesting but underused language concept.

In my second session of the day, Continuous Integration, delivery and deployment, I’ll talk about continuous integration and its cousins, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. In the session I’ll present few different software tools that support those concepts and I’ll also speak about practical experiences with continuous integration in the field.

On the second day of the conference, both my sessions will revolve around the Smart Mobile Studio. [BTW, four SMS developers will be visiting – and presenting at the conference. This year’s ITDevCon is a great place to discuss JavaScript programming with Pascal!] In the Smart Mobile Studio today session I'll present new release of Smart Mobile Studio 2.0, which should be released soon after the ITDevCon. SMS 2.0 will support new targets (Node.JS, Espruino, Web Workers), contain new components and libraries (grid, new game framework) and new data connectors (DataSnap) so I’ll have problems showing everything new inside the one hour time frame.

In my second session of the day, From Zero to Hero in 60 minutes, I'll try to write a very simple client/server mobile application in one hour. The client side will run in a browser, the server side in Node.JS, and both will be written in Pascal without adding a single line of JavaScript. Participants will be welcome to test the application while it is being developed.

I hope I’ll see you in Verona so we can talk about Delphi, Pascal, and everything related and unrelated!

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