Wednesday, September 18, 2013

XE5 Is Well Accepted

This picture was taken today in Ljubljana before the XE5 presentation (which, thank you for asking, went quite fine, with only two glitches of which one was a human – that is, mine – error).

About 65 people attended, which is a great improvement from the XE4 launch, and quite a few of them have expressed an interest in buying the Delphi/Android combo.


The all present subtext was, however, that “Embarcadero should now slow down the development and FIX THE BUGS!” I cannot disagree with that – since the XE2, the Delphi has become increasingly less and less reliably. The time has come for a big spring cleanup.


  1. Anonymous20:08

    Mostly of them are old men. Where are the new developers?

  2. The young ones are sat at the back because their eyesight has not yet started to fade!!

  3. Peter VonĨa20:43

    @Anonymous, if by new you mean relatively young developers, most including myself were lurking from the last three rows.

    While I enjoyed the presentation I must say I disliked the very much missleading pamphlets that we received upon arival. The fact that the Professional version does not include mobile development( as it is sold seperately as an Addon ) was not written down or noted anywhere, it was until after the break that such info was made public.

    Overall I think Gabr made a good presentation, the XE5 Beta bugs were hilarious and frankly put not a bad representation of the actual end product.

  4. Anonymous20:56

    The best way to convince me not to use Embarcadero tools for mobile development is to make Embarcadero tools for Windows buggy & unstable -- and to continue chasing Android & IOS at the expense of fixing existing bugs.

    Why would I choose Embarcadero for my next dev tool targeting Android & IOS, if I'm frustrated about existing bugs with Delphi/IDE for Windows?

    I have a subscription to Delphi and I'm very close to canceling it unless XE6 is as stable/reliable as 2010/XE1. Maybe Embarcadero will come to its senses and fix the bugs before it drives away its customers.


  5. Anonymous21:14

    Yes! Fix the bugs!

    That's why we (used) to pay for SA. We didn't pay to have unusable, half-finished and buggy new stuff added to each new release.

    I used to be loyal and praise Delphi but at this point I just hope Embarcadero would go out of business so we can get someone competent to pick up the pieces before too much damage is done.

    (sorry for the rant - I know it's completely unrelated to the post)

  6. Anonymous06:17

    "The time has come for a big spring cleanup."

    Does this mean another release in spring 2014? I expected one year of XE5 updates now ..?

  7. Anonymous16:54

    "Delphi has become increasingly less and less reliably" lol was there ever a point in time when Delphi was considered truly reliable?

    1. As far as I am concerned, yes. D7, D2007, XE2 were fine.

  8. Hi
    I am trying to develop Arabic programs for the android platform using XE5, but the Arabic text is not displayed correctly on my nexus 7!! It seems that FireMonkey controls lack any property for supporting BiDi since 2011
    I attached a project that identifies the Arabic problems on the Android platform
    I just want the text to display correctly when running the application on my nexus 7, please help! I am sure there is a trick to get it working but I cannot find it :(
    Thank you - Ray

    1. You should ask development-related question on Embarcadero Forums (, currently not working), StackOverflow (tagged [delphi] [android]) in Google+ Delphi iOS & Android Developers community (

  9. Anonymous19:33

    if (XE5_Is_Well_Accepted==true)
    I_AM = monkey;
    if (I_AM==monkey)
    XE5.Win.VCL.WillFixBugs(); // Then I will coding to pascal style ;)