Wednesday, September 11, 2013

XE5 and USB Drivers

If your XE5 installation doesn’t want to recognize attached Android phone when Windows see it perfectly well (and you have done all the groundwork including putting the phone into USB Debugging mode), check if you have installed USB drivers that support adb – the android debugger. Typically, the drivers that are installed automatically by Windows won’t work with the adb.

This page links to correct drivers for various phone manufacturers.

This StackOverflow topic may help you in case of hard-to-resolve problems.

And, of course, read the official documentation on debugging on Android devices first!


  1. Thank you very much. That is very helpful.

  2. Also Notice that: usually adb will be crashed and says "adb is out of date". when this error appears go to cmd.exe and type:

    adb kill-server

    and then type this command:

    adb start-server

  3. The Universal Naked Drivers works for virtually any Android phone, and don't install their own ADB:

  4. Jeroen Pluimers Notice that:
    In normal mode you don't need to Install Driver, for this mode driver will be install Automatically(plug and play) but In fastboot mode you must install phone driver. usually we need normal mode. fastboot mode usually need for expert usage(Like installing RUU and so on). I can say normal mode is efficient for making Delphi Android Applications.