Thursday, May 17, 2012

Embarcadero Academy–The Multithreading Session

I spoke to Slovenian Delphi developers about multithreading today and you probably know that this is a topic I love to speak about. The room was packed (I took this photo five minutes before the beginning, more people arrived after that) but still listeners managed to stay attentive through the four-hour session (including a short break). Lots of interesting questions too – it is good to see many developers actively interested in multithreading.

We’ll probably repeat this session in the autumn as again there was much more interest for the speech than this room can handle.



  1. I count at least half a dozen empty seats in that room that had "more interest than it could handle".

    If you're going to make exaggerated claims it's best not to do so in accompaniment with photographic evidence to the contrary. ;)

    1. :) Quite a few more people arrived late and we always close the subscriptions at about 50 people because the place looks quite unmanageable if it is full to the limits.

    2. This photo was taken before the session started. At this time at least 20 people was still outside of this room.

    3. Anonymous00:17

      Oi Jolyon, that's a bitchy little comment. How many Delphi developers in Auckland ?

  2. I have enjoyed learning from you in the past. Good luck in your future training session!

  3. @Jolyon I count about 56 eats in that room, I would say it's packed...

    Keep em coming Gabr!!

  4. Anonymous10:23

    A picture of 10% of the Delphi developers in total I guess. :P