Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A seriously overdue update

DSiWin32 1.55

  • Implemented DSiHasElapsed64 and DSiElapsedTime64.
  • Implemented DSiLogonAs and DSiVerifyPassword.
  • DSiGetProcAddress made public.

GpHugeFile 6.02

  • Prefetching parameters are now configurable -  TGpHugeFileStream.Create and .CreateW got parameters waitObject and numPrefetchBuffers which are passed to ResetEx/RewriteEx.

GpLists 1.44

  • TStringList helper split into TStrings and TStringList helpers

GpStreams 1.30

  • Implemented TGpFileStream class and two SafeCreateGpFileStream functions.
  • Unicode fixes.
  • Disable inlining for Delphi 2007 because of compiler bugs.
  • Added functions AtEnd and BytesLeft, AsAnsiString property and WriteAnsiStr method to the TStream class helper.
  • Implemented TGpFixedMemoryStream.CreateA and fixed TGpFixedMemoryStream.Create.

GpStructuredStorage 2.0b

  • Important bug fix! When the folder was deleted, it was not removed from the folder cache. Because of that, subsequent FolderExists call succeeded instead of failed, which could cause all sorts of weird problems.

GpStuff 1.21

  • Implemented overloads for Increment and Decrement in TGp4AlignedInt and TGp8AlignedInt64.
  • Implemented Add/Subtract methods in TGp4AlignedInt and TGp8AlignedInt64.
  • OpenArrayToVarArray supports vtUnicodeString variant type.

GpSync 1.23

  • Message queue works with Unicode Delphi, backwards compatible.

GpTextStream 1.08

  • Implemented 'lines in a text stream' enumerator EnumLines.
  • Implemented TGpTextStream.EOF.
  • Implemented text stream filter FilterTxt.

All free as usual. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous17:26

    Thanks Primoz, you are great!!

  2. Anonymous18:19


    You remind me of Isaac Asimov, who could publish dozens of books per year.


    I love OmniThreadLibrary.

  3. Thanks, but could be have SVN (etc) access to there, so it could be automatic update and so...

  4. @Tommi: I'm planning to do that really really soon.

  5. SVN access is now available at