Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gp* units now available via SVN

Because YOU asked for it … my units are now available on Google Code.


  1. I also found a partially? updated copy of GpProfile that looks interesting. Especially because I like to misuse instrumenting profilers as a way to chase exceptions down, and right now we get AV's closing Delphi if certain complex forms are open (3000+ components on the form. Don't ask. Just don't ask).

    So, are you likely to update that to Delphi 2010 any time soon?

  2. At the moment, all work on GpProfile is stopped. I don't have time for it, sorry :(

    I'm still hoping Embarcadero will add a profiler in future Delphi releases ...

  3. Hi
    I'm enjoying working my way throught the omnithread library - thanks.

    I think unit GpStringHash.HashOf only crunches the first half of D2010 unicode strings.

  4. @GT: True, I'll fix it.

  5. Fix committed to the SVN.