Sunday, October 25, 2009

TDM Rerun #14: A Portable XML

The code unit, OmniXML.pas, which contains the XML representation interfaces, parser and writer, was written by a single programmer, Miha Remec (he is also the guy behind the website). He started writing it in 2000, because he was missing a native Delphi DOM parser, one that would represent the DOM the same way as it was designed. The best Delphi parser around at that time was OpenXML, but it used classes to represent XML elements, not interfaces. OmniXML uses interfaces, derived from the IXMLNode (as specified by the DOM). That also makes it almost completely compatible with the MSXML parser, which uses the same approach.

- A Portable XML, The Delphi Magazine 105, May 2004

In the 2004 May issue I wrote about OmniXML, a native Delphi XML parser. I described the OmniXML approach and wrote few short pieces of code that demonstrated its use.

Today, five years later, OmniXML is still strong and I’m still using it, as you can see in my Fluent XML series.

Links: article (PDF, 45 KB), source code (ZIP, 795 KB).

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