Saturday, October 17, 2009

Open source Computer Vision library

Memo to self: When you play with computer vision next time, check the OpenCV library.

From the OpenCV www:

“OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision. Example applications of the OpenCV library are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Object Identification, Segmentation and Recognition; Face Recognition; Gesture Recognition; Camera and Motion Tracking, Ego Motion, Motion Understanding; Structure From Motion (SFM); Stereo and Multi-Camera Calibration and Depth Computation; Mobile Robotics.”

Found via IPhone Sudoku Grab via Julian M Bucknall.

Apparently there is no Delphi interface (yet) but as the DLL has simple C interface, such interface could easily (or “easily”?) be implemented.


  1. Anonymous22:53

    Wow, an actual open license - BSD.

  2. Anonymous11:59

    We are using OpenCV in my company using Delphi. The C interface is could easily be implemented. Unfortunaly I can not share the interface pas file :(

    It is one of the best computer vision libraries. If not the best open source one

  3. Great, I learned about OpenCV one week ago. It sure looks interesting.

    If you want to work with audio/video, webcams etc. in your Delphi apps, I can also recommend Mitov Videolab which comes with VCL components and step-by-step guide to get started. Free for non-commercial use.

    About the Sudoku Grab app, fine but you need to see Hans Andersson from Sweden that has made a Mindstorm Sudoku solver robot, including digit recognition and pen writing. Way to go!

    Doei RIF

  4. @Rif: Thanks for the Sudoku robot link! I just love Mindstorm.

  5. Anonymous13:29

    There's a OpenCV Delphi project here:

  6. Anonymous15:49
    is dead

  7. Anonymous13:00

    Here a complete set of Delphi OpenCV examples, with the translated OpenCV header:

  8. Anonymous04:40

    Here is an example in Delphi about face recognition with opencv
    Also at the end of the post can download the Delphi Interface for OpenCV

  9. Check out

  10. Hi,
    if OpenCV for Delphi I used this:

  11. How late we are in Delphi and OpenCV !!
    In 2020 no one has yet ported on github openCV 4 for FMX ... We have a project that despite goodwill, this lost in time. They are still in openCV 2.4 and now they invented porting to lazarus ??? Loss of time .... It would be more productive if they tried to port the classes in java .jar to FMX with the current version of 2020 open CV4