Monday, January 28, 2008

TDM Rerun #1: Safer Sockets

Instead of fixing the ScktComp unit it is probably better to create a derived class, override the Read method, paste code from ScktComp and make this small modification. Choose your way but beware: CancelIO is not available in Windows 95, only in 98 and NT 4.

- Safer Sockets, The Delphi Magazine #44, April 1999

Those were the times ... Most of computers were still running Windows 95, the actual Delphi version was 4 and we were using TWinSocketStream for data transfer over Windows sockets. Oh, happy days. Not!

I won't comment this article much. It describes how to fix a problem with an obsolete component that should never be used in modern software. I still remember how happy I was switching to ICS ... Still, I promised all my articles and I have to start with this one.

This article represents another important milestone in my 'journalist' career - it was my first article written in English language and a start of very happy long-term relationship with The Delphi Magazine.

Links: article (PDF, 49KB), source code (ZIP, 1 KB)

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