Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reposting TDM Articles

Like some other authors (Hallvard Vassbotn, Bob Swart) I'll be republishing articles I wrote for The Delphi Magazine. [Chris, thanks for the permission!]

Unlike Dr. Bob and Hallvard I won't have problems with choosing from my TDM articles - I published much less than them so I'll simply republish everything :)

In the next months you can expect online versions of my articles:

  • Safer Sockets [TDM #44]
    Describes an issue with TWinSocketStream and a presents a workaround.
  • A Better Build Process [TDM #49]
    How to build Delphi programs from a command line; introduces some helper tools.
  • Time Is The Simplest Thing [TDM #55]
    The art of timezones. Introduces GpTimezone unit, which is still alive and regularly updated.
  • Let's Cooperate [TDM #68]
    My first take on steampunk process synchronisation - not via OS primitives but by using file system. Introducing GpFileSync unit, which somehow never made it to my web site.
  • SvCom 4.0 [TDM #69]
    A review of SvCom service development package. Still alive and well, currently at version 7.
  • GExperts 1.0 [TDM #72]
    A review of Delphi experts we all love.
  • File Sharing On Linux [TDM #84]
    My only article on Kylix continued the Let's Cooperate theme.
  • A Synchronisation Toolkit [TDM #86]
    Simple multi-process synchronisation and communication primitives. Introduces the GpSync unit, which is sill alive and regularly updated.
  • My Data Is Your Data [TDM #88]
    Describes an easy to use wrapper around Windows' shared memory. Introduces GpSharedMemory unit.
  • Synchronisation Toolkit Revisited [TDM #91]
    An upgrade of the GpSync unit, introducing message queue.
  • Shared Pools [TDM #95]
    Shared memory pools. I never developed this concept any further.
  • Shared Events Part 1: Rationale, Design, Implementation [TDM #97]
    Cross-process event dispatch using shared memory. Introduces GpSharedEvents unit.
  • Shared Events Part 2: Redesign [TDM #102]
    Implementation details and a redesign.
  • A Portable XML [TDM #105]
    A review of the OmniXML library. Still alive and regularly updated.
  • Many Faces Of An Application [TDM #107]
    How to write an application that can be a service, Windows GUI and system tray icon monitor.
  • Thread Pooling, The Practical Way [TDM #112]
    Describes Windows thread pool, various problems with it and some workarounds.
  • Put It In A Tree [TDM #118]
    Discusses various approaches to creating a tree structure from a list of mail messages.
  • To Manage Memory [TDM #126]
    An introduction to memory management algorithms and structures plus a short overview of the (at that time very young) FastMM memory manager.

And that's all folks. I'll probably attack this list in chronological manner. If you have any preferences I may make an exception and change priorities so don't be afraid to ask for article you want to read first.


  1. Lots of great material here, Primoz!

    And you actually have *more* TDM articles than me ;)

  2. Well, I'll be ...

    Even I was surprised when I saw how many articles I wrote for TDM.

    But yours were far more interesting than mine - at least for me ;)

  3. I'm looking forward for the better build process article :).