Thursday, February 08, 2007

Free tools I use for development

Now and then I find a nice free tool hidden on the web. Lately, I found some nice gems mentions on other blogs and I thought I should share my list with you, dear reader. Maybe you'll find something of use and maybe you could recommend some other good tool to me.


Another Lens  - A screen magnification tool, written in Delphi 4. [Bjorn Ischo; link from the author's home is not working, this is a correct one:]

Desktop Icons Save and Restore* - Shell extension that allows you to save and restore position of icons on the desktop. [Jamie O'Connell,]

FireBird - Great SQL database server. I'm particularly interested in the embedded version. [Firebird Foundation,,]

GpProfile - My old but still useful profiler. (I am working on a new version.) [Primoz Gabrijelcic,]

GraphEdit -  A tool for visual DirectX filter graph editing.  [Microsoft, part of the DirectX SDK,, but is easy to find on the web if you don't want to download and install entire SDK]

IcoFX - Great icon editor and newest addition to my toolbox. [Attila Kovrig,]

Microsoft Spy++ - Window browser. [Microsoft, part of Visual Studio,, easy to find on the web if you don't need complete Visual Studio]

Putty - Ssh and sftp client. [Simon Tatham,]

IBExpert Personal Edition - InterBase/FireBird management tool. [HK Software,]

Synergy* - Control multiple computers with one mouse and keyboard. [,,,month,2006-06.aspx]

TightVNC* - Remote control client and server. [,]

VLC Media player - Media player, which is of particular interest to me because it can play (and wrap/unwrap) DVB Transport Streams. [VideoLAN,]

WinCVS - CVS GUI which is so good that I don't want to switch to Subversion. [,]

Window Clippings - Nice screen grabber, useful when writing documentation. [Kenny Kerr,]

Windows SysInternals tools - I need them all. Constantly. [Mark Russinovich,]

Wink - Records all changes on the computer screen and makes a movie. Good for tutorials and to demonstrate a problem to a coworker. [DebugMode,]

WinPCap - Tool to monitor and transmit data in link-layer network access, used in Wireshark (below). [,]

WinSCP - Graphical sftp interface, based on the Putty. [,]

Wireshark [ex Ethereal] - Capture and analyze network packets. [,]

XanaNews - Good newsgroups reader, written in Delphi. [Colin Wilson,]

XN Resource Editor - Resource editor, written by the XanaNews author. Includes simple icon editor. [Colin Wilson,]


*More on this product: Remote access to the fourth power


  1. I see from the page you pointed to that the profiler only works with up to D5. Is that correct? If so then I'm eagerly awaiting the new version.

  2. Actually, it works quite fine with D2006. I'm using it on a regular basis.

  3. Fabulous, I shall check it out.

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