Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Building in Delphi 2007

[I'm blogging about Spacely - the beta version of Delphi 2007 for Win32 - with special permission given from CodeGear. Thanks, guys!]

Today I'll focus on a feature that I'm already exploiting a lot - build configurations.

Delphi 2007 for Win32 will use Microsoft's MSBuild engine for project building. In addition to faster IDE compile times, this will bring us great new improvement - build configurations. In short, that will allow you to give a name to a group of of compile settings and then recall them at will. Standard installation already defines Debug and Release configurations, but you are free to add many other.

In IDE, build configurations show as a new drop-down combo, visible on some Project Options pages - namely on Compiler, Compiler Message, Linker, and Directories/Conditionals.

Build configuration - click for larger picture

Another feature of the new build engine are pre- and post-build events. You can attach a list of commands (calls to external programs) that will be executed before and after building. Quite powerful, as you can integrate external steps required for making a release here.

Pre- and post-build events - click for larger picture

That's all for today. Stay tuned as I have more to show ...


  1. Anonymous23:04

    Cool, C++ Builder has this already in BDS 2006. Its good to see it added for Delphi as well.

    Will it be standard for all the personalities in Highlander?

  2. Anonymous06:00

    Scotts Valley is cranking with excitment over what the guys have built. All this great work on Spacely, while bringing visual development to the PHP world is a great first step for the new Codegear.

  3. "Will it be standard for all the personalities in Highlander?"

    I can answer only Spacely-related questions, sorry.

  4. Wow! Finally! I am sure that Build Events is a great feature which has been waited for a long time. Thank you!