Monday, October 16, 2006

My very personal Algorithms and Data Structures

Thanks to the wonders of the printing on demand, I have received my very personal (printed just for me! merry!) copy of Julian M Bucknall's Algorithms and Data Structures. (previous post on that topic)

I won't comment on the content much - this is a great book and every serious Delphi programmer should have it on the shelf. Plus the Julian's writing is fluid and well organized and always to the point.

Printing could be improved a little, though. Font on inner pages is slightly too black for my taste and shadings under the code fragments are waaay too dense. Covers are weird - it seems that the font on the front and back cover was aliased to a different color than used on the cover for the background. It looks unsharp from the distance and halo'd if you look closer.

Still, the book is totally readable and printing is much better than I expected. Binding is fine, too. I have no worries that the book will fall apart in my hands after only a short use.

I hope Julian won't mind if I attach here few photos for the yet undecided. (Yes, the bottom right corner is slightly damaged, but that's courtesy of mail service. The book could be wrapped and packed better, though, so that such things wouldn't happen.)

front cover pages 80 and 81 pages 294 and 295 back cover

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