Saturday, October 17, 2009

Open source Computer Vision library

Memo to self: When you play with computer vision next time, check the OpenCV library.

From the OpenCV www:

“OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision. Example applications of the OpenCV library are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Object Identification, Segmentation and Recognition; Face Recognition; Gesture Recognition; Camera and Motion Tracking, Ego Motion, Motion Understanding; Structure From Motion (SFM); Stereo and Multi-Camera Calibration and Depth Computation; Mobile Robotics.”

Found via IPhone Sudoku Grab via Julian M Bucknall.

Apparently there is no Delphi interface (yet) but as the DLL has simple C interface, such interface could easily (or “easily”?) be implemented.


  1. Anonymous22:53

    Wow, an actual open license - BSD.

  2. Anonymous11:59

    We are using OpenCV in my company using Delphi. The C interface is could easily be implemented. Unfortunaly I can not share the interface pas file :(

    It is one of the best computer vision libraries. If not the best open source one

  3. Great, I learned about OpenCV one week ago. It sure looks interesting.

    If you want to work with audio/video, webcams etc. in your Delphi apps, I can also recommend Mitov Videolab which comes with VCL components and step-by-step guide to get started. Free for non-commercial use.

    About the Sudoku Grab app, fine but you need to see Hans Andersson from Sweden that has made a Mindstorm Sudoku solver robot, including digit recognition and pen writing. Way to go!

    Doei RIF

  4. @Rif: Thanks for the Sudoku robot link! I just love Mindstorm.

  5. Anonymous13:29

    There's a OpenCV Delphi project here:

  6. Anonymous15:49
    is dead

  7. Anonymous13:00

    Here a complete set of Delphi OpenCV examples, with the translated OpenCV header:

  8. Anonymous04:40

    Here is an example in Delphi about face recognition with opencv
    Also at the end of the post can download the Delphi Interface for OpenCV

  9. Check out