Saturday, December 13, 2014

Attribute-based Command Line Parsing

Oh, command line parsing, the old enemy of mine!

imageIn ye olden days, when I was learning Pascal, I did some programming on VAX/VMS systems, where you could (and should) leave the job of command line parsing to the DCL – the command line interpreter (something like CMD.EXE on Windows). You just wrote a definition file (see example on the right, found on the web) and DCL did the rest.

Since those days I hated that I have to parse command line programmatically. Sure, there were parsing libraries – and I wrote few of them myself – but I was never happy with them. There was always too much code to write.

Then I was looking for good examples on using attributes in Delphi and suddenly it occurred to me that I could use them for command line parsing, too! And that’s how GpCommandLineParser was born.

Before continuing, I should mention that I have based it (concept-wise, implementation is all my own) on the CommandParser unit, which comes with Delphi and can be found in Samples\Object Pascal\Database\dbExpress\Utils. This is a very nice but mostly unknown command line parser which I can definitely recommend.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

OmniThreadLibrary 3.04 beta 1 – testers needed

I have (finally!) implemented support for more than 60 simultaneous tasks in the OTL thread pool and for more than 60 waitable events in the IOmniTaskControl. This also enables support for massively parallel execution in OtlParallel abstractions. IOW, Parallel.ForEach will run correctly on machines with 64 and more cores without needing to call NumTasks(60).

I’ve been testing this change and I think that it’s working correctly, but it is a big (and potentially dangerous) modification and so I’d like to see additional testers trying the new version in real programs before I submit it to the SVN.

So – if you like to live on the edge, if you’d like to help improve OTL and especially (but not required!) if you can test the code on a machine with 64 or more cores, please download the 3.04b1 from Dropbox and try it out. You can post reports here or send them to my email (my address is in the header of every OmniThreadLibrary file). In case of a problem, a short, repeatable, self-contained example will be of an immense help.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Parallel programming with XE7–reminder

A note for Slovenian readers.

Ne pozabite – jutri bom predstavil novo knjižnico System.Threading, ki olajša razvoj hitrih in odzivnih programov za vse platforme, ki jih podpira RAD Studio – Windows, OS X, iOS, Android – ter v obeh programskih jezikih – Delphi in C++. Ogledali si bomo tudi novosti v knjižnici OmniThreadLibrary.

Za več podatkov in prijavo kliknite tu!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pohitrite programe z RAD Studiom XE7

This is an invitation for the XE7 workshop in Slovenia which is targeted at Slovenian programmers.

RAD Studio XE7 prinaša nov način paralelizacije programov. S kodo, zbrano v enoti System.Threading lahko na enostaven način pohitrite nekatere funkcije v programih, tako da se izvajajo sočasno z drugo kodo. Še lepše - System.Threading deluje na vseh podprtih platformah, torej poleg Windows tudi na OS X, iOS in Androidu. Na delavnici si bomo podrobno ogledali nove načine paralelizacije in pregledali druge knjižnice, ki podpirajo hkratno (paralelno) izvajanje v okolju Windows.

Predavanje bo v četrtek, 27. novembra, 2014.

Kliknite za prijavo

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DAPUG 2014 Workshop

Presentations and code samples from DAPUG 2014 workshop are now available online.

Big thanks to organizers (and especially Jens) – we had great time in Denmark! Hope to see you again some time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DAPUG workshop

Hesselet hotel is very nice and workshop is proceeding smoothly.


Just saying :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fixing XE7 + Android SDK 23 ZipAlign Problem

If you install RAD Studio XE7 and then upgrade Android SDK to version 23, you won’t be able to deploy applications to Android devices anymore.


The reason for that is that ZipAlign.exe was moved out of sdk\tools folder in SDK 23 and XE7’s deployment process cannot find it anymore. Now it is located in sdk\build-tools\20.0.0, but only is Android SDK Build-tools rev. 20 are installed, which doesn’t happen automatically.


To fix my Delphi I first had to install Build tools rev. 20. Then I copied sdk\build-tools\20.0.0\zipalign.exe to sdk\tools\zipalign.exe. That fixed the deployment problem.

I’m hoping Embarcadero will fix this in the next update, but for now you can use this workaround.

[Android sdk folder can be found in c:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\15.0\PlatformSDKs\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20131030\sdk]

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Delphi programmer wanted

This is a job offer for a full time programming job in Ljubljana.

Iščemo Delphi programerja za dolgotrajno razmerje; človeka, ki se ne ustraši stare kode in z veseljem programira s sodobnimi orodji. [XE2, prehod na sodobno različico je že v teku in ga bo pomagal zaključiti prav programer ali programerka, ki ga iščemo.] Delo se opravlja v pisarni v Ljubljani.

Več o podjetju: Kontakt: primoz (pri)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Users Like FireUI and Dynamic Arrays

A snapshot from the XE7 presentation in Ljubljana.


Highlights of the presentation were FireUI, System.Threading, dynamic arrays, and OmniXML.

‘Twas a very nice crowd, asking LOTS of questions. It was also good to see some young(er) people and some Delphi [insert a prehistoric version here] users who finally decided that they should upgrade.

Monday, September 08, 2014

RAD Studio XE7 Launch in Slovenia

If you want to see all the great new stuff in XE7, join me on Wednesday, 17th in Ljubljana. We’ll cover the new VCL stuff, multithreading support, improvements for multi-device development, business mobile services and more.

As usual, presentation will be in Slovenian language.

More information & registration

Monday, September 01, 2014

Chromecast Randomly Crashing–Solved!

This is one of rare posts on my blog that doesn’t cover pascal programming. Proceed on your own risk ;)

For the last half a year, I’ve been a happy owner of a Chromecast device. Great stuff, especially as it allows me (with a small hack) to watch Netflix on my TV and listen to Pandora. At the beginning, it was a bit unstable, but through regular updates it stabilized quite a bit – until build 17977 got installed.

Since that time I got random crashes while playing any media (video or audio) from any source (in-house or external provider). It would load the player app, start playing, then crash after a few seconds. It would work fine for days, even weeks, but then it would start crashing and I would not be able to use for for half a day, after which it would start working again.

I’ve decided that the hardware is broken, maybe overheating, and I bought another one. (Did I mention it’s cheap?) But no luck – it started behaving the same as soon as it has upgraded to build 17977.

Few days ago I found a network forum thread where someone (sorry, no link, it got lost) mentioned a possibility of a bad power source. (My Chromecast is plugged into TV’s USB port.) And when the device started playing tricks on me today, I plugged it into an external USB power supply. And – surprise, surprise – it started working!

Something weird is still going on. When I start playing in a new player (i.e. when I switch apps), media is played for few seconds, then the TV goes blank and its power light starts blinking, then the picture reappears and media continues to play.

My current guess is that Chromecast does something weird which basically quick-resets the TV. When Chromecast was plugged into TV’s USB port, that also reset the Chromecast, but now that it’s plugged into an external power source, Chromecast continues playing while the TV does its yoyo trick.

I’m not completely satisfied with this solution as I would rather see my Chromecast to turn off together with the TV, but it is a “good enough” workaround. I still love that device, though. It’s the best stuff Google made in a long long time.

I’m posting this blog in hope that it will help other Chromecast users who may run into the same problem.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Denmark Workshop is Filling Up

If you are still deciding whether to attend my workshop, you should hurry up. The organizers have notified me that there are only few places left as there are some physical constraints they have to observe, namely how many people fit in the conference room ;)

BTW, if you are interested in the parallel part of the workshop, you’ll be glad to know that I’ll also be covering the new cross-platform multithreading support in XE7.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Workshop in Denmark

DAPUG, the Database Application Programmers Users Group (aka Danish Embarcadero User Group) is one of Delphi user groups which organizes great events twice a year. I’m very proud that they have invited me to speak in October, even though I’ll miss ITDevCon because of that :(

(A note to ITDevCon organizers – DAPUG’s autumn workshop is traditionally organized near the end of October.)

Multithreading, regular expressions and attributes, oh my!

First day will be completely dedicated to multithreading. We’ll start with basics – why and how – and proceed with TThread-based multithreading on all supported platforms. After lunch we’ll focus more on high-level multithreading with the open-sourced OmniThreadLibrary.

A note to participants: I’ll be presenting multiple small problems for you to solve during the workshop. At least you should have Delphi installed on the computer (for best experience it should be one of the latest versions). If you really want to come prepared, you can also preload OmniThreadLibrary and if you are trying for the best in class award ;) you can read all about high-level multithreading in advance on the OmniThreadLibrary wiki.

The second day will be organized around three topics – attributes, regular expressions and continuous integration. The common point is productivity – in the first two sessions I’ll be showing you how to use some of the incredible power of Delphi to simplify your programming life and in the latter I’ll be focusing on the last stage of any application – building and deploying the release version.

See you there!

Workshop will be held on October 21st and 22nd in Hotel Hesselet in Nyborg.

More information and registration form can be found here.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Smart Mobile Studio 2.1 (beta 1) is out!

If you need to write software for phones/browsers/node.js/microcontrollers, you should check out the new Smart Mobile Studio 2.1 (beta 1). The list of new and fixed features is much too long to list here so I’ll just focus on the most important additions.

  • Integrated debugger!

  • Dockable IDE with support for multiple layouts.

  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts.

  • Split view mode shows code and design side-by-side.

  • Support for with statement in a clean, non-Delphi way.
    with p := something do begin
      // do anything with p
  • Optimizations and bug fixes in the compiler.
  • Built-in browser uses Chromium CEF3.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Incrementing Progress Bar from a ForEach Loop

A deceptively simple question – how do you update a progress bar from a ForEach loop – popped up on the Google+ OmniThreadLibrary community. The implementation turned out to be quite tricky so I created an example (55_ForEachProgress) which is now part of the OmniThreadLibrary SVN repository.

The starting point was a simple Parallel.ForEach loop which I further simplified in the demo.

procedure (const task: IOmniTask; const i:
// do some work

// update the progress bar - how?

We cannot simply update the progress bar from the ForEach executor as that code executes in a background thread and one must never ever access VCL GUI from a background thread! It is also no good to send “please update” Windows messages to main thread as Parallel.ForEach is by default blocking – it waits for all workers to stop working – and messages won’t be processed during ForEach execution.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Enumerating Controls the Easy Way

Yesterday I had to write a mapping from a set of radio buttons to an integer (and back). I couldn’t use TRadioGroup and so I had to iterate over controls to find out which one is checked. To do that, I used an enumeration helper which I wrote long time ago.

function TfrmColorRemappingDlg.GetMapping: integer;
Result := 0
for ctrl in EnumControls(Self, TRadioButton)
if TRadioButton(ctrl).Checked

At that point I decided that this old-way enumeration is not good enough for the modern times. What I particularly dislike about it is that I know the type of objects enumerator will return (TRadioButton in this example) but I still have to cast the enumeration variable to that type. The solution is simple – use generics!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

XE6–Links for the presentation

On today’s presentation I promised listeners a bunch of links so that they didn’t have to write them down. Here they are:
By the way, RAD Studio XE6 was well excepted. People really liked not only the focus on stability (although that was the favorite by far) but also the new additions – tethering, BaaS and support for advertising and in-app purchases.
Photo was taken during the PhotoWall demo and is blurry, as I was more focused on describing the simplicity of app tethering than on taking the short. Sorry!
BTW2, the app tethering is way way cool! Check it out!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Adding Borders to Pictures

Besides being a programmer, I like taking pretty pictures (and working with wood, but that’s another story). And from time to time I like to print some pictures and hang them on a wall.

Because framing pictures is expensive and, frankly, most of them don’t deserve it, I like to print a “virtual frame” – a thin black border followed by a wide white border – around each photo. Until recently, I was adding them in some stupid program I found on the Internet (it doesn’t deserve to be named), but I was always having problems because you had to specify border width in pixels – and if I wanted to set the same border (for example, a 1,5 mm black border followed by a 20 mm white border) for a set of pictures in a different resolutions, I had to calculate pixel sizes for each photo, which was a pain.

So I sat down and wrote a border-adding program. It allows you to specify border sizes in “real” measures, it can process one picture or a folder full of them and it can add a suffix to processed pictures (plus it will skip files containing this suffix if they are found in the source folder) and that’s about it. It is small, simple, solves a real problem and – what I found the most impressing – I wrote it in a single working day. Truth to be told, I needed about a month of work – an hour here, 15 minutes there – but all together I needed less than eight hours. That is the power of Delphi!

If you have a need for such tool, go ahead and download it from my Dropbox. You can also get the source, which is released to a public domain (i.e., do with it whatever you want). It depends on few external libraries, which are all released with an open source license: JCL, JVCL, GpDelphiUnits, OmniXML. At the moment the GUI is written in VCL, because I really didn’t want to spend too much time on this project and I know VCL by heart, but if somebody wants to go ahead and rewrite it in FireMonkey, I certainly won’t stand in his/her way.



Friday, May 09, 2014

XE6 Launch in Slovenia

Join me in Ljubljana on May 15th when I’ll be showing all the goodies that came with recently released RAD Studio XE6.

Register here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Safe-casting Pointers

You cannot safe-cast a pointer. This will fail:

ptr as TProject

You can only cast pointers the unsafe way:


That is, unless you use this neat trick:

TObject(ptr) as TProject

This will also catch programming errors, specifically a pointer that doesn’t point to an object.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Short tips: PNGImage

If you have problems processing PNG images because you are using DevExpress components, add this to the beginning of your program’s uses list:


DevExpress registers PNG handler with doesn’t behave exactly the same as Delphi’s built-in TGraphics descendants. With this addition, PNGImage.RegisterFileFormat will be called after dxGDIPlusClasses.RegisterFileFormat and will overwrite DevExpress’ PNG handler.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

IOmniPipeline termination bug

There was a nasty race condition in the IOmniPipeline termination code which could result in access violations. It has been fixed in the SVN so please update to the latest version if you are using Parallel.Pipeline, Parallel.BackgroundWorker, or Parallel.ForkJoin.

Great thanks go to Dean from DeNovo Software who narrowed down the problem and make sure I can repeat it on my machine.

Friday, February 28, 2014

RAD Studio XE5, C++, iOS etc … in Slovenia

This Tuesday (March 4th) Embarcadero and Marand are organizing a RAD Studio XE5 presentation in Ljubljana. We’ll be showing great features that were implemented in RAD Studio in the past few years – from 64-bit Windows compilation, Unicode support and styling to multiplatform development, LiveBindings and FireDAC. For the first time in Slovenia we’ll be presenting the new REST library and C++ support for iOS.

Presentation will be given in Slovenian language. Register here.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Worst. Interface. Ever.

As seen on Blogger:


I have just written a reply and clicked “Sign out”. For the third time since the Google changed the Blogger UI!

I don’t care that the “Publish” button is highlighted. “Sign out” is just placed in perfect position to click on when you are typing a response.

Fix this, Google!

Thursday, January 09, 2014

OmniThreadLibrary 3.03b – Small version change, big update!

Yesterday I noticed a big nasty bug in the OmniThreadLibrary which was present in for a long long time. If a thread priority was not explicitly specified (by calling SetPriority OTL function or SetThreadPriority Windows API), a thread was started with idle priority (instead of normal).

How comes nobody has noticed that? Well, it looks like the Windows thread scheduler is really great and nicely schedules threads even in such case. Still, this is something that has to be fixed and I have immediately released new version.

If you’re using OTL, please download the newest version or update from the SVN.

New features

  • Added SetPriority function to the IOmniTaskConfig.
  • Added indexed writers ([number] and [name]) to both TOmniValue and TOmniValueContainer.

Bug fixes

  • Thread priority is set correctly (to 'normal') if it is not explicitly specified.
  • Corrected swapped content of 'Schedule Observed'/'Schedule Unobserved' methods in the 11_ThreadPool test (tnx to [semele]).
  • Locked<T>.Free can be called if Locked<T> owns its Value.

Friday, December 13, 2013

It’s that time of the year …

… when you can get “Parallel Programming with OmniThreadLibraryand three “High-Level Multithreading with OmniThreadLibrary” for a reduced price!

Go to and buy the “The Book + Webinars” package for mere $29.99!

By the way, now you can buy a site-wide license – buy the book and give it to anybody in your organisation for mere $250! Plus you get all three webinars in the deal.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 beta 1

I know we promised it for November so here it is – Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 beta 1, released on November 39th ;)

I know some were waiting anxiously for this release so joke aside – we are sorry that we couldn’t release it in November but you know how it goes – there is always one more showstopper problem :( We know that this beta is not yet perfect (and we’ll release another one before the product is finalized) but as we do want your feedback we have exposed it for the public consumption.

A list of changes since the last released version is available here.

In case you were not actively following Smart since the last release, I would like to recommend few interesting articles on our site:

And remember – Smart targets everything from microcontrollers (Espruino) to mobile devices (in-browser, PhoneGap, Cordova), desktop (in-browser) to servers (NodeJS).

Saturday, December 07, 2013


This is a guest post, written by Anton Alisov, software PM and developer from Ivanovo city, Russia.

I’m posting it here because I want to increase visibility of this new memory manager which featured quite well on my recent test (guest posted at Eric’s blog). I’m perfectly aware that my test was superficial and I intend to do a better test with more memory managers in the following weeks.

Arnaud Buchez already posted a overview of the memory manager on his blog.

And now I’ll give word to my colleague Anton.

We were waiting for the robust and scalable memory manager for Delphi for the long time. Our best choice - FastMM - did not scale well under multithreaded use in memory intensive applications. Memory manager with
a new design was required. We have tested many scalable managers such as TopMM, ScaleMM and other. Some of them are quite robust, but not supported currently by its developers (TopMM), some are not yet ready
for production. So, we decided to develop our own memory manager to have more control over it. We believe, one doesn't have to be big to be efficient. Meet a new player - SapMM - Simple As Possible Memory Manager.

SapMM is robust, production quality memory manager, developed by software guru Alexei Nedoria from Ivanovo city, Russia. SapMM was designed for use in memory intensive multithreaded applications with the
scalability in the first place. In single threaded use SapMM is only a bit (up to 40% on certain scenarios) slower than FastMM (on some scenarios SapMM is faster than FastMM even in single threaded use), but
the real power of SapMM shows in multihreaded applications. SapMM scales very well and in a vast majority of scenarios is much faster than FastMM in multithreaded use.

SapMM is used in production 24/7 system since June 2013. Currently SapMM was well tested only with Delphi XE and XE3, small code changes may be required in order to use it with other versions of Delphi. Currently SapMM supports only 32-bit mode and cannot be used in 64-bit applications. You can grab SapMM sources and do some tests yourself:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Embarcadero Academy – Android Programming

Next Tuesday (December 3rd) we’ll continue the Embarcadero Academy line of presentations for Slovenian developers. This time I’ll cover programming for Android devices in Delphi XE5.

Register here.

Predavanje bo v slovenskem jeziku.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

ITDevCon 2013 Slides, Code and Photos

ITDevCon 2013 has finished and as always it was a beautiful (but wearying) experience. I’m still trying to pull myself together.

My session slides and code are now available on this blog – just click on the Presentations link on the right.

Some snapshots from the conference (take with the crappy camera on the Sony Xperia P phone):

Opening session

Last preparations …

Smart Mobile Studio everywhere

Three fifths of the Smart Mobile Studio team

Christian during the “LLVM” presentation

Stefan Glienke talking about Spring4D

The Spring4D session was packed

Christian preparing for the “Microcontrollers and Pascal” session

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ITDevCon 2013–Lots of hard choices

Yellow – sessions I’d like to attend.

Green – sessions I really want to attend.

Red – sessions I have to attend.

Can somebody please invent a time machine before November 14th?