Monday, September 04, 2017

Introducing OmniThreadLibrary Core

Yesterday I wanted to use OmniThreadLibrary as a git submodule in a top secret ;) open source project I'm working on and I was a bit shocked when it turned out that newly cloned OmniThreadLibrary folder is a 83 megs in size. Given that I only need it to support my other project and that I won't do any OTL fixing/development in this submodule, that looked a bit excessive.

So I went ahead and created a core branch which contains only the barebones - the OmniThreadLibrary root folder without any subfolders. If you want to compile such submodule, you'll also need the GpDelphiUnits repo. Together they weight measly 3,5 MB, which is a big improvement over the original 80+ megs.

I'll be keeping core in sync with the latest OTL release, not with the HEAD, so it will also provide a stable platform for all depending repositories.


  1. Anonymous21:04

    Sounds a good initiative, but what are the other 80-odd MB? Ie, which one of the two should someone download?

    1. Other 80 MBs are mostly tests/demos. If you are new to OTL you should definitely download the full repo.