Friday, July 15, 2016

OmniThreadLibrary Everywhere

For the last year and some, Sean B. Durkin has been working on the mobile port of the OmniThreadLibrary. There was lots to be done, as OTL was never designed to be a portable library – after all, it was created in Delphi 2007 times.

Recently I merged his latest commits into the mobile OmniThreadLibrary branch. This version is (by his words) functionally complete (although it may be missing some very recent OTL features) but is very much untested. So Sean is asking everybody that is interested in multithreading on OS/X, iOS, and Android to help him find bugs and to make OTL even more awesome!

Please report any findings to his OmniThreadLibrary-For-Mobile-DevelopmentProject on Google+. I am currently working on other aspects of the OTL and didn’t I put much energy into checking his work.


  1. Hello,
    Is the intent that this will eventually replace the windows only version?

    1. Intent is to have one OTL to rule them all, yes.

  2. you were intereted in heap managers

    can you spend some time trying this:

    reportedly it is not yet asm-optimized, so more about generic scaling behaviour and stability