Friday, June 10, 2016

OmniXML Official Repository

In case you are wondering which of the many github (and even bitbucket) omnixml repos is the official one (as is still pointing to the old googlecode storage), this is it: should be pointing to the correct repository “real soon now” ;)


  1. Anonymous20:59

    Very Nice Library. However, there must be a breaking change in Delphi XE10.1 (Berlin) - as I cannot compile it there. In OmniXML.pas - there is a call in the routine (TXMLTextStream.Create) - ( FWriter := TOTextWriter.Create(Stream, Encoding, WriteBOM);) However, this call tells me that there is no overloaded version of Create that can be called with these arguments.... The definition of the Create is as " constructor Create(const aStream: TStream;
    const aEncoding: TEncoding = nil; const aWriteBOM: Boolean = True;
    const aCharBufferSize: Integer = OBUFFEREDSTREAMS_DEFCHARBUFFERSIZE); overload;

    Is this a know issue?

    1. Why don't you open issue on GitHub?

    2. I just compiled it fine in Delphi 10.1 Starter / Win32 , the only thing I needed was suppressing the no more needed and no more working TEncoding.CodePage hack ( )

    3. The FileList demo, for one, explicitly includes the use of TCodePages, however, and unless USE_MSXML is defined, will not build in Delphi 11.1.