Thursday, November 12, 2015

Connect Your Applications with REST

Next Wednesday (18th) I’ll be holding a presentation about all things RESTish in Delphi. We’ll start with basics and then move to DataSnap, REST Client Library, REST Debugger, BaaS and more!
As usual, I’ll be presenting in Slovenian language.
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  1. Anonymous10:00

    Which version (2007, 2009, XE, Seattle, etc.) and edition (Professional, Enterprice, etc?) of Delphi I need, so that I can use the information the way you present it?

  2. You can use 'hand-made' REST in any Delphi by reusing http components (Indy, ICS, ...). REST DataSnap was introduced in XE and the rest of the stuff (client library, debugger ...) started appearing in XE5.

    All this (including 'hand-made' REST) will be covered so this presentation won't be limited to a specific Delphi version.