Thursday, September 24, 2015

Links for 10 Seattle Presentation in Ljubljana

Firstly, thanks to everybody who visited my RAD Studio 10 Seattle presentation! I’m sorry I had to improvise because of bad video drivers, but on the other hand RAD Studio performed great!

2015-09-24 09.16.20

Secondly, here is a bunch of links I’ve promised.


  1. That picture made me finally visualize something we hear all the time on Internet: "delphi is dead".
    Look at the age of the conference participants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The age average is not 20 is 45 !!!

    1. All over the world ... same picture. That's why we are all trying to push Embarcadero/Idera to get Delphi back into hands of students and hobbyists.

    2. AGREE! Is there a petition to sign?