Friday, August 28, 2015

Spotlight on OmniThreadLibrary

If you are not using OmniThreadLibrary yet, or if you are only using its low-level parts (CreateTask and company), I’m kindly inviting you to a 20-minute presentation “Simple Parallel Programming with Patterns and OmniThreadLibrary”, which will be transmitted as a part of the Embarcadero Technology Partner Spotlights series on September 3rd.

There are three timeslots to chose from so I’m sure everybody can find a suitable time. After the first two presentations I’ll be handling Questions and Answers and Jim McKeeth has kindly offered to do the job for the third presentation as it will be around 02.25 AM here when it is finished.

If you want to see something interesting and new, register here!

[Slides, code, and video will be available on my blog after the presentation.]

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