Sunday, July 12, 2015

OmniThreadLibrary Book Update

After a (much too) long time, I have (finally) found some time to work on my book “Parallel Programming with OmniThreadLibrary”. For starters, I have updated existing content so that the current version (3.04) is properly documented. The following topics were added/updated:

  • Documented Parallel.For.
  • Documented Parallel.Map.
  • Documented TOmniBlockCollection.ToArray<T>.
  • Added longer example for Parallel.For.
  • Documented IOmniTaskConfig.SetPriority and .ThreadPool.
  • Documented Parallel.Pipeline.PipelineStage[] property.
  • Documented new demos.
  • Documented other changes and additions.
  • Updated hyperlinks.

Update is free (as it always was and as it will always be) for all owners of the book. You probably already received an email with details. If not, you should just go to LeanPub and download the new version.

You can buy the book (and with that support the OmniThreadLibrary development) here.

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