Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Denmark Workshop is Filling Up

If you are still deciding whether to attend my workshop, you should hurry up. The organizers have notified me that there are only few places left as there are some physical constraints they have to observe, namely how many people fit in the conference room ;)

BTW, if you are interested in the parallel part of the workshop, you’ll be glad to know that I’ll also be covering the new cross-platform multithreading support in XE7.


  1. Anonymous11:54

    One question regarding the omnithread library. Will you update it for the new cross-platform multithreading support that comes with XE7?

  2. OTL in fact cannot use much of the new multithreading support. But yes, I do plan to upgrade OTL to support Android/iOS, at least in some simplified form.

  3. Damned!
    For once a dapug workshop I really wanted to attend and now it's filled up. I've just returned from (a computer-less) vacation so I couldn't do it earlier.

    Anyway, I hope your presentation goes well and enjoy Hesselet - it's a really nice place.

    1. Please leave your address with organizers. I'll try to create a package (slides, demos ...) which can be sent to all participants and to all interested who didn't make it.

    2. Would be awesome if that material included a video recording...

    3. I would not oppose it. Anyway, you should start discussing this with the organizer, not with me.