Saturday, July 12, 2014

Smart Mobile Studio 2.1 (beta 1) is out!

If you need to write software for phones/browsers/node.js/microcontrollers, you should check out the new Smart Mobile Studio 2.1 (beta 1). The list of new and fixed features is much too long to list here so I’ll just focus on the most important additions.

  • Integrated debugger!

  • Dockable IDE with support for multiple layouts.

  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts.

  • Split view mode shows code and design side-by-side.

  • Support for with statement in a clean, non-Delphi way.
    with p := something do begin
      // do anything with p
  • Optimizations and bug fixes in the compiler.
  • Built-in browser uses Chromium CEF3.


  1. This is really a nice update.

    The debugger is still a big unstable, but using the Chrome debugger works very well.
    In fact, since revision 2.0, the pascal source code is displayed in the Chrome debugger (if you define "Add source map (for debugging)" in Project Options / Linker).
    So it is very easy to debug your code.

    We have ported our cross-platform client units to SmartMobileStudio.
    Now you can access a mORMot server, including SHA-256 safe authentication, from SmartMobileStudio.
    In fact, we were able to share 98% of code in SmartPascal, Delphi (up to XE6, for Win32, Win64, OSX, iOS, Android), and FreePascal.
    So you have a client-server ORM accessible from your AJAX applications, written in Smart!
    It is IMHO a better solution than relying on external JavaScript. One code base to maintain is always better.
    And you could share the same code with a Desktop rich client in Win32/Win64 or OSX, or even iOS/Android FMX).


    For mobile apps, I prefer SmartMobileStudio.
    Most apps won't even need to be published in the store, and works offline.
    SmartMobileStudio apps works 100% offline, and can make AJAX requests on need.
    As truly valid HTML5 rich apps, a valid manifest file allow to install the apps to the mobile, and even add an icon to the apps. See

    1. Very true - the debugger is still in very early stages. It is, however, there and will be improved in the future.

  2. I really love SMS. I am sure it will become the new "Delphi" for phones and web :) In terms of easy to use, of course.

    It makes writing HTML5 + JS code so much easier.

    I wish the SMS team all the best, and that it will become the most popular tool for writing HTML5 + JS code.