Friday, February 07, 2014

Worst. Interface. Ever.

As seen on Blogger:


I have just written a reply and clicked “Sign out”. For the third time since the Google changed the Blogger UI!

I don’t care that the “Publish” button is highlighted. “Sign out” is just placed in perfect position to click on when you are typing a response.

Fix this, Google!


  1. Anonymous16:25

    I remember 2 years ago I could leave comments on the Google blogs without need to prove every time I am not a robot. Stopped commenting on Blogger blogs since.

    Maybe Google is killing the Blogger like he killed his RSS Reader?

    1. This behaviour is controlled by blog's owner. The owner can enable/disable spam control, enable/disable anonymous comments, etc.

  2. Every so often, if I leave a blogger comment and I need to log in to post it, it loses my comment text when I log in and I have to type the whole comment over again. I now try to remember to copy it before clicking the button.

    I'm actually going to move to Wordpress sometime soon and migrate my entire blog.