Monday, December 09, 2013

Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 beta 1

I know we promised it for November so here it is – Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 beta 1, released on November 39th ;)

I know some were waiting anxiously for this release so joke aside – we are sorry that we couldn’t release it in November but you know how it goes – there is always one more showstopper problem :( We know that this beta is not yet perfect (and we’ll release another one before the product is finalized) but as we do want your feedback we have exposed it for the public consumption.

A list of changes since the last released version is available here.

In case you were not actively following Smart since the last release, I would like to recommend few interesting articles on our site:

And remember – Smart targets everything from microcontrollers (Espruino) to mobile devices (in-browser, PhoneGap, Cordova), desktop (in-browser) to servers (NodeJS).

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