Sunday, February 17, 2013

Embarcadero Academy: Multithreaded Programming 1.1

The “Embarcadero Academy 2012” series of Delphi-related workshops was very well accepted in Slovenia so we (Embarcadero, Slovenian distributer Marand and me) have extended it into year 2013. The first workshop will be – due to a popular demand – revisited extended workshop on multithreaded programming. I’ll be extending the topics covered in the first workshop with many practical examples.

The date is slightly awkward – February 21st, the same date when Embarcadero will present the “Delphi for iOS” programming tool. Luckily, we’ll finish around 01:00PM which will give everyone enough time to return to the office and watch the webinar which starts at 03:00PM. (We apologize for this – we selected the date when Embarcadero’s webinar was still announced for the 14th but then Emb. moved the date a week ahead.)

As always, workshop will be lead in Slovenian language. Register here!

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  1. Presentation, handout and code are available online: