Saturday, October 27, 2012


The ITDevCon 2012 is over and I’m back at home, resting and gathering impressions.

The conference was even better organized than previous years and everything was running as smooth as possible (with the small exception of the projector in the main hall, which somehow was not capable of giving out a completely sharp picture). In addition to the multinational group of speakers, the visitors also came from variety of countries – I noticed four Germans, two Russians and a Lituanian – which plays well with the intentions of making the ITDevCon the biggest European conference.

As usual, the conference took two full days, with five session timeslots on the first and six on the second day. At every time there were three parallel talks going on, some in Italian and some in English.

I’ve given three presentations – general tutorial on regular expressions and two “hands-on” sessions in problem/solution format – one on Windows + OS X development and another on OmniThreadLibrary. Slides and sample code are available on my blog.

I also listened to few sessions – both talks by Jeroen Pluimers were full of information and very useful; Ray Konopka’s session on user interfaces was incredible as always, Paweł Głowacki showed us what can be done with FireMonkey 3D components and Jørn E. Angeltveit gave interesting (WAT!) talk about the Smart Mobile Studio. I’m just too sory that I couldn’t follow Ray’s talk on creating custom controls for FireMonkey … Still, every session was recorded and participants will be able to get recordings of sessions they have missed. (By the way, recordings of last year conference are available on line.) I was also happy to finally meet Detlef Overbeek, the main guy behind the Blaise Pascal Magazine.

A quick shout to people that I haven’t yet mentioned – it was great to talk to you!

I would like to thank the organizer for inviting me again to the beautiful Verona and for all the great food we were able to taste in the two conference days (and at the pre-conference dinner). See you next year, guys!

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