Saturday, April 21, 2012

OmniThreadLibrary 3.01 released

This is mainly bugfix release with only few additions to the codebase. If you are using version 3.0 and not following the SVN trunk, update is very much recommended.
Get it now: ZIP, SVN.

New features

  • Exception handling added to Parallel.Async. [read more]
  • Task property added to the IOmniWorkItem interface.
  • Added TOmniValueObj class, a class wrapper for TOmniValue record.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed race condition in InternalStop.
  • Fixed overloaded OnMessage declaration in the IOmniTaskConfig interface.
  • It was not possible to change timer delay once it was created. 
    Tnx [Unspoken] for finding the bug.
  • TOmniValueContainer.Insert did not update internal 'count' field.
    Tnx [andi] for bug report and fix.
  • Internal event monitor messages must be processed in Terminate, otherwise OnTerminated is not called if the task is terminated from the task controller. 
    Tnx [Qmodem] for finding the bug.
  • TOmniValue.CreateNamed was casting pointer to integer.
    Tnx to [Mayjest] for finding the problem.
  • Fixed object and interface casting in TOmniValue.CreateNamed.
    Tnx to [Mayjest] for finding the problem.
  • IOmniJoinState.Task was not correctly set in TOmniParallelJoin.Execute.
    Tnx to [Mayjest] for finding the problem.

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