Wednesday, December 21, 2011

… 62, 63, 64!

It is my pleasure to announce the availability of OmniThreadLibrary 3.0 beta. The main focus of this release is on the 64-bit support. Every part of OmniThreadLibrary is now compatible with the Windows 64-bit platform!

The current status of the code is “It works on my machine”. That is not pretty encouraging and I would really like to see some external testing. If you are using OTL, please get the fresh copy from the SVN and check if your applications are still working. 64-bit bugs are not a big problem right now – they will be squashed before any 64-bit OTL code goes into production – but I’d really like not to break existing code. Thanks!



  1. Congratulations! It was fun reading your "counting to 64" posts

  2. Mayjest12:27

    It looks like you deleted SpinLock with the last commit. Certainly my version complains about it missing, although that could have just been me being stupid with SVN. I copied in the file from 2.2 and it installs the package now.

  3. Yes, SpinLock is gone (not 64-bit compatible and critical sections are very fast on modern Windows anyway) and I haven't updated all packages yet. Will be fixed in the official release.